Prym Park storm water management design, City of Düren

Under the Motto, ‘reside individually – live together’, the Düren protestant community initiated a project to develop a communal, and social as well as ecologically sustainable residential and living space on a 3 ha. inner-city plot in Düren. The resource-saving use of raw materials is an integral part of the design. Innovative supply and disposal designs and their effects on the infrastructure must be taken into account. This relates in particular to storm water management.

The storm water management design envisages that storm water flows out of the development area into a number of de-centralised infiltration troughs, or a central rain water pond. Here, due to the missing drainage ditch, the adequate drainage and retention of the storm water from the development area for a 100 year storm was proven. In level one, storm water for a 10 year storm is controlled in retention troughs and ponds. For stronger rain events, there is an overflow facility into the neighbouring woodlands. There is no connection to the city sewage system. The drainage of storm water from the development area is accomplished via open gullies and trenches, which serve as stylistic features.

Services provided by igr

  • Preparation of a storm water management design (in partnership with Hyco Verhaagen GmbH, Garten und Landschaftsarchitektur, Bramsche)
  • Development study, taking into account innovative supply and disposal designs and their effects on the infrastructure

Key figures

  • 475 m² retention troughs
  • 150 m² retention ponds
  • 1 210 m² of seepage troughs
  • 2 800 m² woodland seepage area