SBK Gensingen Osterländer

Development zone "Die vorderen Osterländer", Gensingen municipality, Mainz-Bingen district

As part of the Frankfurt Rhein-Main metropolitan area, Gensingen municipality in the district of Mainz-Bingen has a clear demand for further residential development sites – in contrast to the national trend. Moreover, Gensingen has a station, making the centre of the metropolitan area easily accessible via local public transport. There is an area in close proximity to the north of the municipality, west of the railway line, which is to be used as a residential development site. The municipality wanted to check whether its development as a residential area makes good sense.

igr was commissioned to prepare an urban development design, to examine the feasibility of the development, with regard to the neighbouring areas, the traffic connections, the location’s inter-connectedness, the urban structure, the value of the natural environment and other influencing factors. In particular, storm water management and the situation regarding noise were reviewed. The results were presented to the Gensingen municipality as a set of recommendations, which outlined how the implementation could be sensibly carried through.

Services provided by igr

  • Urban development design
  • Storm water management design
  • Noise level/pollution investigation

Key figures

  • Total area ca. 14.4 ha