Development of the available renewable energy potential and integrated heat recovery in municipalities

In the framework of the Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety’s climate protection initiative, the Zero Emissions Municipality of Rockenhausen has created a comprehensive climate protection strategy, which sets the target of a reduction in CO2 emissions of 80% by 2020, and a long-term almost total avoidance of CO2 emissions. Following a detailed description of the initial situation, an analysis of the potential to increase the share of renewable energy sources was undertaken, which formed the basis of further steps. Intensive discussions with stakeholders in the municipality led eventually to a series of measures, which besides indicating the need for practical action, included other categories of interest, such as investment costs, payback period, and added value for the region.

Services provided by igr

  • Preparation of a balance sheet for Energy and CO2
  • Regional analysis of potentials
  • Stakeholder participation through workshops and individual discussion
  • Development of a selection of measures from identified and substantiated action areas
  • Creation of a project control system, including conflict management
  • Creation of a public relations strategy

Key figures

  • ca. 11,200 residents