Electricity supply database for the Herxheim municipal utility company

An electricity supply database was created for the Herxheim municipal utility company. The existing non-digital current status plans were digitalised and combined with the already existing digital electricity supply data. Missing data was added. The complete inventory includes low, middle and high voltage power lines, as well as street lighting and distribution boxes The database was placed on the municipal utility company’s GIS system, and will be made available as a web-GIS to users via the internet. The ever increasing number of private photo voltaic power plants was logged and inputted into the system as well.

Services provided by igr

  • Logging of existing power lines
  • Logging of photo voltaic power plants
  • Creation of database
  • Provision of the data for the web-GIS

Key figures

  • Over 200 km of electrical supply networks
  • ca. 200 distribution boxes
  • ca. 60 transformers
  • Over 500 photo voltaic power plants with key figures