Special area for wind energy farms in the Glan-Münchweiler municipality, district of Kusel

The Glan-Münchweiler municipality has set itself the goal, of meeting the electricity demand increasingly from regionally available renewable energy.So as to make suitable areas available, the municipality has agreed a "wind energy" sub land development plan, in which nine special areas for wind energy use with a total area of 403 ha are to be designated.Together with the already existing special "wind energy" areas, the municipality has now designated a total of 447 ha for wind energy special areas.

In order to address the associated environmental protection concerns, an environmental report was prepared, which, in compliance with the UVPG (environmental compatibility test) considered and assessed the encroachment on protected resources such as:soil, water, air/climate, landscape, animals/plants, humans or other cultural/physical objects.

In accordance with the investigated encroachments on the ecosystem and landscape, extensive avoidance and compensation measures were specified.Through these measures, the negative effects on nature and the countryside could be compensated for, and/or prohibitions as outlined in § 44 BnatSchG be avoided, on the basis ofthe up-to-date database (amongst other things, optimisation suggestions with regard to red kite breeding or crane migration).

Services provided by igr

  • Environmental report
  • Species protection legislation examination
  • Overall spatial locality strategy for wind energy
  • Sub land development plan for wind energy

Key figures

  • 9 special areas for wind energy farms were designated
  • Total size of special areas for wind energy farms: 403 ha