Urban rehabilitation in the town of Obermoschel, Donnersberg district

The town of Obermoschel has battled for years against de-population. The resultant high level of vacant buildings, particularly in the historic town centre, leads to the old buildings having high rehabilitation needs. Since the private owners and the town could not afford the huge costs involved, it was decided to apply for inclusion in the urban development funding programme. igr put together a rehabilitation concept with comprehensive analytical plans, in which the extent of the rehabilitation area was set. This funding application was successful.

In the following, successful rehabilitation measures have been undertaken by both public authorities and private citizens, with the result that many buildings have been rescued and given a sustainable future. This has led to many empty buildings being reoccupied. igr has advised on all rehabilitation measures. Subsequently, Obermoschel is part of the funding programme for urban regeneration.

Services provided by igr

  • Urban rehabilitation concept
  • Urban rehabilitation consultancy

Key figures

  • Extent of rehabilitation area ca. 7.0 ha