Badenheim Kreisverkehr

Up-grading the L415, Badenheim –Sprendlingen with a combination foot/cycle path and up-grading the B 50 junction to a roundabout

The up-grading of the L 415 and its junction with the B 50 was planned for the state enterprise ‘Mobilität Worms’. The junction of the L 415 with the heavily used B 50 will be up-graded to a roundabout. Other foci are the necessary renewal of an overpass structure over the flood prone Wiesbach, as well as a new bridge for the Deutsche Bahn (DB) single track section (Gensingen to Horrweiler) as replacement for the dilapidated and clearance-restricted DB structure.

Services provided by igr

  • Planning of the transport infrastructure
  • Hydro-technical calculations of the Weisbach
  • Landscape management with mitigation compensation measures
  • Road markings and signage

Key figures

  • Roundabout, outer diameter 40 m
  • 1.3 km up-grading L 415
  • 850 m combined cycle and footpath
  • 2 bridge structures