Description City Services Characteristics
"SEMA PARC" industrial park, Bucharest Bukarest
  • Feasibility study for water supply, waste water disposal, street furniture, gas, power and district heating supply
  • Planning, LP 1-2 HOAI
  • Area: ca. 40 ha
  • Work and living space for ca. 60,000 people
Central European Park for Innovative Technology "CEPIT", Bratislava Bratislava
  • Quality assurance
  • Technical coordination
  • Client consultation
  • Housing for ca. 40,000 people
  • ca. 25,000 jobs
Chièvres airport, repair of the runway, taxiways and apron Chièvres
  • Management, control and support of the planning process
  • Taking into account the technical requirements of the ICAO, the Nato STANAG and the US-Air Force guidelines
  • Time and cost control
  • Taking into account the security issues in planning and implementation
  • ca. 2.6 km runway including overrun area, runway width 45 m
  • ca. 500 m Taxiway  
  • ca. 7 km ducting systems
  • ca. 6 km drainage pipework
City of Elbasan, water supply and waste water disposal (BOT, build, operate, transfer contract) - technical auditor Elbasan
  • Analysis of the starting situation
  • Examination of the project idea
  • Examination of the investment programme
  • Examination of the planning, tendering and offer documents, as well as the contracts
  • Monitoring of the construction implementation
  • Expenditure and cost control
  • Tracking of the technical and commercial management
  • Participation in the handover inspection
  • Project evaluation
  • ca. 23,000 water connections  
  • ca. 6,000 water meters
  • ca. 160 km water pipework
  • ca. 95 km sewers
  • 3 water well fields
  • Pumping stations
  • 4 drinking water reservoirs
Credit line for the financing of water supply and waste water project in the Republic of Croatia, phase ll - addendum Zagreb
  • Preliminary and implementation planning for water supply and waste water disposal systems
  • Studies for waste water systems including waste water purification
  • Dynamic economic efficiency analyses for waste water systems including waste water purification
  • ca. €15 m investment
  • 1 water supply project
  • 5 waste water projects
Credit line for the financing of water supply and waste water project in the Republic of Croatia, phase lll - consultancy services for the supervision of investment in the programme Zagreb
  • Support to HBOR with the marketing of credit lines  
  • Examination of individual project proposals
  • Examination of project documentation such as planning and tendering documents
  • Consultation regarding alternative solutions
  • Consultation to HBOR during the due diligence process
  • Supervision of the progress of the construction work and cost control
  • ca. €18 m investment
  • ca. 15 water supply and waste water disposal projects
Economic efficiency study for the Barbicin solar park, Baska municipality, island of Krk Baska
  • Wirtschaftlichkeitbetrachtung  
  • Beratungsleistungen
  • investigated plant capacities of 1 MWp, 3 MWp und 5 MWp
  • area 3 to 11 ha
Extension of waste water pipework in Benghazi Benghazi
  • Feasibility study
  • Technical planning with variants regarding rain water retention
Feasibility study for water supply and waste water disposal in Elbasan Elbasan
  • Analysis of the starting situation
  • Development of technical interventions to modernise the water supply and waste water disposal systems
  • Options study and cost estimates
  • Preparation of an investment plan
  • Risk analysis
  • ca. 100,000 inhabitants
Flood protection for the "Palais Beauharnais" residence and the offices of the German embassy in Paris Paris
  • Study
  • Planning LP 1-8 HOAI
  • Surveying
  • Structural engineering, LP 2-6 HOAI
  • Geological investigation
  • Construction supervision
  • Cellar, plots ca. 7,000 m²
  • Crawling cellar ca. 200 m²
  • ca. 350 m accessible Media tunnel
  • ca. 400 m cable vacant ducting route
  • ca. 800 m underground pipework
  • 1 flood pumping station
  • 200 m stop log system
Infrastructure arrangements for the new city of "La Democracia" in the Caribbean La Democracia
  • Master plan
  • Feasibility study
  • Implementation planning
  • Preparation of the tendering documents
  • Construction supervision
  • 3 ground water extractions
  • 1 water treatment plant
  • Water tank 1,000 m³
  • Water tower 300 m³
  • ca. 100 km water pipework
  • ca. 100 km of sewers
  • 1 main and 16 secondary waste water pumping stations
  • Aerated waste treatment ponds 10,000 inhabitants
  • ca. 60 km drainage
  • ca. 50 km road construction
Infrastructure master plan for Benghazi Benghazi
  • Technical planning of water supply and waste water disposal systems, of drainage and of power and gas supply
  • area: ca. 24 ha
Issyk-Kul project for sustainable development - feasibility study and planning, cities of Balykchy, Cholpon-Ata and Karakol Bischkek
Projekt management and quality assurance for the preparation of
  • Feasibily studies
  • Preliminary and implementation planning
  • Tender documents
  • 1 Sewer system
  • up to 3 waste water treatment plants
  • up to 3 waste disposal sites and distribution stations
  • ca. 120,000 inhabitants in the Projekt area
Istanbul, Tarabya estate, restructuring of the grid-based supply infrastructure Istanbul
  • General planning services
  • waste water engineering constructions, LP 3, 6-9 HOAI
  • Technical equipment (as sub-contractor services), LP 3-9 HOAI
  • 180,000 m² plot  
  • 9 main buildings
Luštica Bay, master plan and specialist planning for the infrastructure development of a holiday resort Luštica Bay
  • Master plan of engineering constructions (waste water, rainwater, gas supply, drinking and fire-fighting water, irrigation)
  • Master plan for traffic facilities
  • Master plan for technical equipment (power generation and distribution, telecommunications)
  • Master plan for innovative infrastructure, having regard to material recycling (waster water purification for irrigation, combined heat and power plant for power supply/emergency power security, photovoltaic, wind energy)
  • Preliminary planning
  • Design planning, Phase 1
  • Area: more than 700 ha
  • 8 Hotels, ca. 1,600 Apartments, ca. 750 Villas
  • 2 Marinas
  • Hubs with shopping opportunities, restaurants, medical services, a school, etc.
Organisation of municipal climate protection initiatives in Croatia Zagreb
  • Strengthening networking among those commissioned by municipalities re. energy and climate protection "
  • communication and public relations
  • Organisation of a study trip by the Croatian partners to Germany (Rheinland-Pfalz)
  • Preparation and arranging of dissemination meetings
  • Climate protection consultation in the fields of solar and biomass energy, and energy efficiency
Preliminary study for investment in the water supply and and waste water treatment in a rural area Tirana
  • Analysis of the starting situation and the legal and organisational background conditions
  • Developing a method for detailed data collection
  • Establishing prioritisation criteria
  • Developing a method to choose project areas
  • Developing a strategy for a programme of water supply infrastructure development
  • Data processing and presentation of results with GIS
Renovation of the outside facilities of the German embassy in New Delhi Neu-Delhi
  • Evaluation of the existing water supply and waster water disposal systems, as well at the current flood protection arrangements
  • Study
  • Surveying
  • Planning
  • Construction supervision
Solar park on the waste reception hall at Treskavac, island of Krk Ponikve
  • Project management
  • Overall project planning
  • Authorisation processes
  • Tendering processes
  • On-site construction supervision
  • 934 m² roof area  
  • 137 kWp
  • 169,886 kWh Solar power generation
Study of alternative options for the heating system of an administrative building in the city of Krk Krk
  • Data collection and evaluation
  • Price development scenarios for various fuel types  
  • Needs assessment by means of the consumption data and the existing buildings
  • Efficiency scenarios
  • Analysis of the operating costs in each case
  • Investment and financial plan
  • Comparison of the respective annual cost to the public finances   
Technical and management support for the commercialisation of municipal enterprises in Macedonia Skopje
  • Analysis of existings structures of water supply, waste water disposal and waste management companies in 6   municipalities
  • Analysis of existing supply systems and cost estimate
  • Consultation with regard to budget planning and strategic and economic planning
  • Consultation with regard to tendering and contract design
  • EU legislation in the areas of environment and municipalities
  • Vinice, Kocani, Gostivar, Negotino, Resen and Sv. Nikole municipalities
  • Ministry for local self-government
The city of Zapresic, development of "Shopping City Zagreb" Zagreb
  • Plausibility investigation  
  • General planning services
  • Planning, construction supervision and site management
  • subsoil investigation
  • Planning and construction supervision of the site preparation
  • Planning of traffic facilities
  • Planning of engineering constructions
  • Planning of technical equipment
  • Surveying
  • ca. 9 km Traffic facilities
  • ca. 10 km water supply pipework
  • ca. 7.5 km waste water pipework with pumping stations  
  • ca. 2.5 km waterway relocation
  • ca. 6 km rain water sewer
  • ca. 4 km gas supply (medium pressure)   and ca. 2 km gas supply (high pressure) plus a pressure reduction station
  • power supply
  • Communication
  • vacant duct systems
The German embassy (Leninski Prospect property, former DDR embassy), Moscow Moskau
  • feasibility study supply and disposal technical decoupling IGC/visacentre
  • General technical planning services   decoupling (LP 1-3, technical building, water, waste water, power, telekommunications)
  • General planning services for portacabin extension (LP 1-8,   building construction supervision, technical equipment, water, waste water, open-air facilities)
  • Feasibility investivation into prolonged continuity of use of the main building by the Goethe-Institute
  • 1 portacabin, ready for use
  • 55 m waste water sewer
  • 110 m water supply pipework
  • 140 m district heating pipework
The German embassy (Mosfilmowskaja 56), Moscow. Moskau
  • Project management of sewer rehabilitation
  • Internal rehabilitation during continuous operation
  • all materials were imported from Germany
  • 140,0000 m² plot
  • 2,250 m sewer liner
The island of Krk, pre-feasibility study for the use of biogenic waste Ponikve
  • Material flow analysis
  • Analysis of stakeholders and networks
  • Summary of potential for development
  • Rough technical design
  • Commercial feasibility investigation and scenario analysis
waste water disposal, Jebel Ali zone in Dubai Abu Dhabi
  • Study for a waste water collection system for an industrial estate
  • ca. 20 waste water pumping stations
  • ca. 200 ha site
Water and waste water master plan for Albania Tirana
  • Analysis of the starting situation and the background conditions
  • Survey of existing waste water disposal systems
  • Data processing with GIS
  • Development of an overal strategy for waster water disposal and treatment
  • Determination of investment and cost estimates
  • Establishment of priorisation criteria
  • Development of investment plans
  • Development of a GIS-based planning tool
  • ca. 3 million inhabitants
  • ca. 600 investment projects in the field of waste water
Water supply and environmental protection measures at Lake Shkodra - construction supervision Shkodra
  • Support of the entire project management during the construction phase
  • Management of three construction contracts in line with the FIDIC Red book, and site management  
  • Inspection of the completed constructions
  • ca. 29 km water pipework
  • ca. 15,500 water meters
  • water tank 1,000 m3
  • ca. 46 km sewers
  • 2 waste water pumping stations
  • Biological-mechanical waste water treatment plant 2,000 inhabitants
Zero emissions strategy for the intergrated development of the island of Krk Ponikve
  • Identification of key individuals in the region and establishment of a network
  • Detailed analysis of the Ist conditions (energy and material flows)
  • Analysis of regional potential (the potential of efficient and renewable energy)
  • Development of a zero-emissions strategy
  • Project-related external communication
  • ca. 20,000 inhabitants