Recording the status of paved surfaces at Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden airport

The former Royal Canadian Air Force airbase at Baden-Söllingen was taken over by Baden Airpark GmbH, with the intention of operating a civilian airport. In order to meet the constantly growing demands/needs, as part of a full upgrading, the airfield pavements were reconstructed, and the majority were newly built. On completion of the work, igr was commissioned to develop a Pavement Management System (PMS). All aircraft pavements at ‘Baden Airpark’ were recorded, on the basis of existing construction documentation and an on-site inspection, and placed on a PMS programme.

In the subsequent years parts of the pavement will be re-inspected and their condition recorded again. The results allow Baden Airpark to assess the current condition of the pavements, and to do long term planning of economically efficient renovations.

Pavement Management Systems can also be applied to roads pavements.

Services provided by igr

  • Development of a Pavement Management System
  • Research, inspection, condition recording
  • Evaluation
  • Annual re-inspection
  • Recording of reported damages to the aircraft pavements in the PMS programme

Key figures

  • 191,000 m² runways, asphalt
  • 215,000 m² taxiways, asphalt
  • 39,000 m² taxiways, concrete
  • 11,000 m² aprons, asphalt/semi-rigid coatings
  • 54,000 m² aprons, concrete (mostly subject to the German Water Management Act)