PEPl_Bundes_Landesliegenschaften_FFH Westricher Moorniederung

FFH zone "Westricher Moorniederung", federal and state properties, district of Kaiserslautern

The goal was to identify potential for ecological development within the federal and state owned areas south of Kaiserslautern, which consist of forests and some small scale farming, and to develop corresponding compensation measures. In the Natura 2000 (FFH) area "Westricher Moorniederung", very good natural prerequisites exist, due to the damp/wet local conditions, and in part non-intensive use.

To determine the consequent maintenance and development measures, special attention was paid to the following FFH habitat types, important to the area: damp tall herbaceous borders of the plains up to alpine altitudinal zones, including wooded strips; extensive hay meadows of the plains up to the submontane zone; woodrush and beech forest; stitchwort, oak and hornbeam forest; birch and fenwood forest; moorland forest; and alder and ash forest and alluvial softwood forests by running water.

Taking into consideration the forestry requirements, and in close cooperation with the federal and state forestry administration, who as owner was responsible for the upkeep of the area, measures to maintain and develop the area were devised.

Services provided by igr

  • Maintenance and development plan
  • Approval planning
  • Environmental management supplementary plan

Key figures

  • 2,152 ha FFH zone 6511 -301 "Westricher Moorniederung"
  • ca.130 ha forest conservation and nature conservation measures