Geratal Neubau Stromleitung_Trassenplanung

New build of a 20 kV power line from Ilmenau to Geraberg, Geratal,Ilm district, Thüringen

Two fauna flora habitat (FFH) areas were affected, by the new build of 20 kV power line between the Ilmenau substation and an industrial area in Geraberg.

The area "Wipfragrund-Stausee Heyda" (EU-Number: 5231- 301) is a forest area in the northern Thüringer wooded foothills, with isolated wetland areas rich in species and nutrients (including moorlands and a large crested newt population). The complete protection of the area, particularly construction-related restrictions and the use of existing paths, the concurrent protection of an amphibian guiding system in this conservation area, as well as further external projected plans, all had to be taken into account.

The area "Wilde Gera bis Plaue und Reichenbach" (EU-Number: 5230- 305) is characterised by the near-natural Wilde Gera, with several tributary streams and adjacent habitats (mountain and lowland hay meadows, nardus grasslands, siliceous cliffs, diciduous forests (with, amonst other species, the large blue butterfly (Maculinea nausithous)), and various types of stream and brooks. Notably, the biotopic structure could successfully be protected through environmental construction supervision for the entire section; through construction period restrictions and underground boring under the streams.

Services provided by igr

  • FFH examination
  • Environmental management supplementary plan
  • Environmental construction supervision
  • Application for various nature conservation exemption certificates
  • Open space planning
  • Planning of technical equipment for power supply
  • Construction supervision

Key figures

  • Planning area 58.5 ha (11.7 km long x 50 m wide)
  • Crossing of the FFH area "Wipfragrund-Stausee Heyda" (578 ha) and "Wilde Gera bis Plaue und Reichenbach" (536 ha) with a section of ca. 3 km in total