New-build of a water tank for drinking water and fire extinguishing water in the Luisenthal municipality

As an essential element of the renewal of the infrastructure in the Luisenthal municipality, the renewal of the drinking water supply network was carried out in phases over a number of years. The large differences in elevation within the municipality result in a complex supply situation with a number of pressure zones. The security of the fire extinguishing water supply could only be guaranteed with the erection of an elevated water tank. Pressure surges and the resulting pipework damage have been eliminated. From now on, the fire extinguishing water supply is ensured. The quality of the water supply for residents has also risen significantly. The location of the water tank in the drinking water protection zone, in the countryside protection zone, and in close proximity to the control network of the Luisenthal dam, demanded a specialist and sophisticated planning and authorisation procedure.

Under the leadership of igr, the drinking water and fire extinguishing water reservoir was built in only five months.

Services provided by igr

  • Design, all phases
  • Environmental management planning
  • Structural design
  • Building surveying
  • Construction supervision
  • Authorisation procedures

Key figures

  • Continuous flow tank with 2 water chambers, with a total storage volume of ca. 340 m³ – in Pre-stressed concrete (prefabricated), central operator booth
  • 1 100 m inlet and discharge pipework, DN 150 – DN 200 GGG ZM