Upgrading the L 400 between Würzweiler und Brücke Appelbach with a combined foot and cycle path, Würzweiler, Donnersberg district

The condition of the state road L 400, north of Würzweiler in the north Pfalz didn’t meet modern construction standards. At the same time there was a plan to close the gap in this section of the Applebach cycle route.

The resulting encroachment on the ecosystem and landscape was partly balanced out by de-paving in the course of construction. But the major compensation for the encroachment was achieved through a combination of hydro-engineering and nature conservation measures along the Appelbach.

Through the close cooperation of the various igr specialist teams, a number of alternative drainage schemes were assessed on an interdisciplinary basis, and a satisfactory solution for this section of the Appelbach developed (in the transition between waterway levels II and III).

For the species conservation assessment, amongst other activities, local birdlife was mapped and a supplementary appraisal of the sightings and traces of various animal groups was made.

Services provided by igr

  • Environmental management supplementary plan including species conservation appraisal
  • Design surveying
  • Planning of traffic infrastructure
  • Drainage planning

Key figures

  • ca. 700 m upgrade section including new combined foot and cycle path
  • ca. 3,000 m² new paving
  • 300 m extension to the riparian buffer zones on the Appelbach