Ramstein Landespflegerische Studie_Biotopvernetzung

Biotope cross-linking with monitoring programme, Ramstein air base

On Ramstein air base and nearby areas, particularly damp or wet (and alkaline-poor) local conditions predominate, due to a large area where the ground water level lies directly under the soil surface. The majority of main habitats for wetland species are interlinked by water currents or other structural elements. The study prepared by igr shows this, including the most important fauna and flora species populations, and in addition it presents an up to date mapping of the important amphibians, reptiles and fish.

Based on this study, igr developed short term measures and a middle term monitoring programme, with which the habitat cross-linking as well as the effectiveness of the planned measures could be monitored.

Services provided by igr

  • Mapping of amphibians, reptiles and fish
  • Development of a habitat cross-linking management plan

Key figures

  • 400 ha investigation area