New build Erfurt south emergency services centre, fire station

For the new build of Erfurt’s emergency services centre (south), igr was commissioned both with the design and with the construction supervision of the traffic infrastructure and open spaces, as well as the engineering services.

The greater part of the outer area serves as a paved area and was laid with asphalt, and to meet design and functional demands. Beside the paved areas and buildings, car parking spaces and planted areas were planned. A bike shelter, container canopy and a transformer station were planned by igr in line with given design parameters.

Site drainage takes place via a newly installed separation system with a connection into the public sewer network in the northern part of the site. Coalescence and degreasing systems as well as a vehicle washing facility were a part of the design.

A particular service provided by igr was the overall balancing of the earth in-fill and removal to within 5 m aided by a digital site model.

Services provided by igr

  • Planning of open spaces for all project phases
  • Planning of traffic infrastructure for all project phases
  • Planning of engineering constructions for all project phases
  • On-site construction supervision
  • Pipework coordination

Key figures

  • ca. 5,500 m² asphalted surfaces
  • ca. 520 m² concreted surfaces
  • ca. 240 m retaining walls h = 0.55 m to 3.30 m
  • Automatic gate and barrier system, enclosure, access control system
  • Traffic light system
  • ca. 1,000 m waste and storm water sewers, façade drainage
  • ca. 130 m drinking and service water pipework
  • ca. 1,220 m cable ducting
  • Façade plants, tree planting