Industrielle Kanalnetze

Industrial sewer networks

The sewer network of the John Deere properties in Germany is in part over 100 years old. The network was to be recorded and inspected, and a rehabilitation strategy developed. The goal was to have a uniform approach in every plant. The approach might also be adopted in all John Deere plants throughout Europe.

Following the technical surveying of the sewers, they were cleaned and visually inspected. A hydraulic calculation verified the sewer network’s capacity. Building on this, a rehabilitation strategy with costs and priorities was created for each location.

Services provided by igr

  • Current status audit
  • Creation of a sewer register
  • Examination of the condition of the constructions
  • Hydraulic calculation
  • Condition assessment and rehabilitation strategy
  • Presentation in plans and as a web-GIS in the internet

Key figures

  • 5 locations in 3 federal states (several old Lanz locations)
  • Sewer length ca. 25 km
  • Coding in line with EN 13508
  • Damage classification in line with ISYBAU
  • Hydraulic calculation in line with EN 752 and DIN 1986
  • Presentation of the sewer network in a free web browser with video clips with search facility