Hydraulic calculations for the sewage network of the town of Wörrstadt

In the town of Wörrstadt the hydraulic performance of the sewer network was checked in the catchment area of the storm water overflow 1 (Stelzer Straße), where there are suspected weak points, on the basis of up-to-date site data, and with the help of the latest available rainfall data. Weaknesses were identified and rehabilitation work to remedy them suggested.

Services provided by igr

  • Generation of site data and delivery for incorporation in the client’s sewers database
  • Investigation of the hydraulic conditions for current status and prognoses by means of a long term series simulation
  • Rehabilitation work suggestions

Key figures

  • ca. 18 km mixed water sewer, DN 150 – DN 1600
  • ca. 6 km storm water sewer and water ways, DN 150 – DN 1600
  • 1 storm water overflow