Beitrags- und Gebührenkalkulation in der Gemeinde Elxleben

Contributions and fees calculation in the Elxleben municipality

The overall costings for a drainage system under construction were worked out for the Elxleben municipality. To accomplish this, the costs of the pressure pipes to the state capital Erfurt, the development costs of the privately funded sewage and storm water pipework system, the proportion of the street drainage, and the apportioning of costs of the existing municipal sewers, had to be investigated, captured and calculated. For the fees calculation, requisite expenditures for personnel, administrative, maintenance and energy costs had to be estimated or transferred. Specifications for the maintenance and operation of the plant were compiled and, within the limits of public tenders, competitive prices were obtained, which give the municipality a calculable security. Parallel to the processing of overall costs, the municipality’s articles of incorporation were clarified and brought into legal effect. The depth limiting control is replaced by the definitions of clarifications of the articles of incorporation of the Elxleben municipality. The updating of the calculation is undertaken on a regular basis by igr.

Services provided by igr

  • Contributions calculation and establishing the basis of the calculation
  • Land surveying fixed areas
  • Overall calculation
  • Clarification of contribution calculations set out in Articles of Incorporation

Key figures

  • 130 ha total assessed area