Forstliche Planung Oekokonto Bundesliegenschaften KL

Federal property near Kaiserslautern: Ökokonto (ecological account)

An existing ecological account on federal properties was in part firmed up and simultaneously extended to other properties in Sembach and Vogelweh (near to Kaiserslautern). The goal of the ecological account is to prepare the environmental management and forestry compensation, including associated costs, prior to the implementation of all future construction projects on military property. The legal regime of forest law, Fauna-Flora-Habitat (FFH) directives and nature conservation encroachment regulations are important in this regard.

The FFH directive is of particular importance, since the FFH area "Westricher Moorniederung" (European protected status) is directly adjacent to Ramstein Air Base, and there are also a string of FFH wood habitats, such aswood rush/beech forest and various oak forests on the other properties. Alongside the recording of basic environmental management data (biotope type, significance, other natural and planning prevailing background conditions), the upgrading potential from a forestry or environmental management point of view of every individual plot was determined.

Services provided by igr

  • Site registration for biotope types and FFH habitat types
  • Compiling of background and basic data for environmental management
  • Developing compensation areas
  • Background work for concise specialist contribution on nature conservation
  • Forestry and evironmental management balancing in the energy account

Key figures

  • 1,755 ha investigations area, of which
    • 105 ha Sembach property
    • 1,250 ha Ramstein Air Base
    • 400 ha Vogelweh property