FNP RegE Sprendlingen-Gensingen

Sprendlingen-Gensingen municipality (Mainz-Bingen district), “Renewable Energy” section of the land use development plan

The Sprendlingen-Gensingen municipality wanted to increase the use of renewal energy in their area, in order to make a contribution to climate protection. Besides the allocation of remote areas for a biomass power station and for the installation of a photo voltaic power plant, effort was put into finding wind energy sites. igr undertook a preparatory investigation into wind energy sites. igr guided a series of intensive discussions about species protection, and species protection reviews and examinations, through to the establishment of a final strategy.

Services provided by igr

  • “Wind energy” local area plan
  • “Wind energy” section of the land use development plan
  • Environmental report
  • Specific species protection tests
  • Compatibility test for bird sanctuary

Key figures

  • Total area: 56.05 km²