Flugbetriebsflaechen Erweiterung

Aprons 3 and 4E at Leipzig/Halle airport

The northeast extension of the airport Leipzig/Halle was carried out through the development of aprons 3 and 4E. The constructions to be supervised included: apron 3 with a taxiway connection to TWY C, the north power supply station, apron 4E with taxiway connection, snow dumping area and shelter. In each case the objectives were the traffic infrastructure (including drainage), the engineering constructions, and the technical equipment.

Services provided by igr

  • Construction management
  • On-site construction supervision
  • Project support

Key figures

Apron 3

  • Taxiway system/ramp ca. 10 ha
  • Drainage pipes DN 150 – DN 1400 ca. 7,000 m
  • Lighting and ducting systems ca. 12,000 m
  • Drinking water pipework DN 300 ca. 12,000 m
  • Basin system, consisting of storm water clarification and storm water overflow basins, as well as a NG 60 light fluid separator

Apron 4E

  • Taxiway system/ramp ca. 8 ha, including drainage pipes and ducting system
  • Docking system/apron lighting and 400-Hz plant
  • Staff shelter, operations building (GSE shelter) and wash bay