FFH Gebiet Westricher Moorniederung Waldeidechse

Study of threatened and endangered species, FFH-area "Westricher Moorniederung", district of Kaiserslautern

In the Landstuhler Bruch - a ca. 30 km long and 4 km wide basin between the Pfalz forest and the north Pfalz mountains – extensively damp or wet, nutrient poor/ alkaline poor local conditions have developed due to the hydro-geological conditions and the nutrient poor bed rock (red sandstone). In spite of the sometimes intensive human interventions, an extensive ecologically valuable area remains, which has been protected as the "Westricher Moorniederung" FFH area.

In the transitional area to the south of the heavily used areas of the Ramstein Air Base, intensive faunistic exchanges between the local moor/mire forests and the cool damp oak woods have developed. This was the focus of a study about the population development of threatened and endangered species. Development goals and specific individual measures of varying importance were assigned to individual focus areas.

Services provided by igr

  • Systematic mapping (birds, butterflies, bats, amphibians, reptiles)
  • Negative impact examination
  • Guidelines and management planning including monitoring strategy
  • Preparation of data in SDS format

Key figures

  • 150 ha main investigation area