Fachbeitrag Naturschutz Umbau B272_L540 zu KVP Hochstadt

Upgrading the junction of B272 and the L 540 to a roundabout, Hochstadt, Pfalz

The traffic light managed junction of the B272 and the L 540 (which is right next to the residential area and is particularly heavily used by heavy goods vehicles), was extremely unsatisfactory with regard to vehicle flows and related immissions. For this reason, its replacement with a roundabout was planned. This would lead to encroachments into nature and the landscape, with its farmland as well as wooded groves and copses and characteristic single trees.

The particular resources to be protected were: soil (paving/remodelling of almost 1 ha); species and biotopes (destruction of stepping stone biotopes) as connecting elements between streams); and landscape. Through compensation measures inside the natural area before the commencement of the construction project, the encroachment was balanced and the conservation position of the affected species (which were strictly and specially protected) was not significantly impaired.

Services provided by igr

  • Specialist contribution nature conservation
  • Specialist contribution species conservation
  • Site mapping for birds and bats
  • Planning of traffic infrastructure

Key figures

  • Investigation zone: ca. 55 ha
  • 40 types of European birds (in line with EU bird protection directive)