Web Schweich Kanal Bestandsdokumentationen

Current status documentation and sewer rehabilitation for the Schweich municipality

The current status of sewage pipes, domestic connections and water pipes was collected and documented in the districts of Fell, Fastrau, Naurath, Mehring, Detzem and Schweich. To do this, a sewer and water database was created, and the collected data was processed into plans and a web based GIS. With the help of data available via the internet, authorised personnel can access up-to-date data.

Services provided by igr

  • Web based GIS
  • Surveying
  • Current status documentation
  • Condition classification
  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Rehabilitation design
  • Sewer rehabilitation

Key figures

  • ca. 55 km mixed water sewage pipework, DN 150 - DN 1200
  • ca. 19 km surface water drainage, DN 100 - DN 1100
  • ca. 42 km drinking water pipework
  • ca. 12 km accessible sewers
  • ca. 3,700 house connections