Neuhemsbach Ausnahmeantrag

Application for a derogation for encroachment in a comprehensively protected water meadow in the Neuhemsbach municipality, district of Kaiserslautern

Neuhemsbach municipality intends to develop a new development site. The necessary storm water retention measures are planned on a large water meadow in the north of the planning area, which is comprehensively protected in line with § 30 Abs. 2 BnatSchG due to the composition of species found there.

As, in spite of an intensive investigation, no alternative areas could be found, an application was made for an exception to the prohibitions under § 30 Abs. 2 BnatSchG.

The application was based on the proposal to compensate the encroachment into the protected water meadow through the creation of a similar water meadow on an almost adjacent plot. A new water meadow, which could attain a § 30-biotope status, can be developed on the already waterlogged location, by using seeds from a natural meadow. The application was accepted, and an exceptional authorisation could be granted.

Services provided by igr

  • Exception application under § 30 BnatSchG
  • Site development plan
  • Environmental report
  • Encroachment/compensation balancing
  • Storm water management design

Key figures

  • 3.9 ha development area for site development plan
  • 500 ha investigation area for compensation measures