Industrie-Kläranlage im Industrie- und Gewerbegebiet

Industrial waste water treatment plant in the ‘An der Salzbrücke’ industrial and business park in Ritschenhausen

The municipality of Ritschenhausen is undertaking the refurbishment of the ‘An der Salzbrücke’ industrial and business park. Municipal GRW subsidies were available to support the revitalisation of the former industrial area. An essential task was the renewal of the waste water system, whereby the entire public sewage system was rebuilt and connected for waste water treatment to a newly constructed local waste water treatment plant (WWTP). The WWTP could be integrated into the flood-protection dam system by embanking the area, so that adequate drainage is assured in the event of a ‘100 year’ flood.

A fully biological WWTP with rotating immersion discs, with sufficient capacity for 400 inhabitants, was constructed on the basis of igr’s plans. The sanitary waste water from the area’s employees is treated here, along with pre-treated production waste water from vegetable production, which is subject to strong seasonal fluctuation. The operation of the plant was taken on by KWA (Municipal water and waste water joint association for Meininger Umland).

Services provided by igr

  • Planning, engineering construction, waste water disposal
  • On-site construction supervision
  • Preliminary surveying
  • Health and Safety coordination

Key figures

  • Full biological waste water treatment plant (pre-treatment, aeration/rotating immersion disc, secondary clarification) with a compact 2-channel rotating immersion disc plant (plastic body with steel load-bearing system)
  • Central pump SB DN 1000, pressure-release duct DN 1000
  • 4 pre-treatment and sludge piling containers, each with 6 m³ volume SB DN 2800
  • EMSR and remote control technology
  • ca. 500 m pipework PVC DN 200
  • Enclosure and surfaces
  • 200 m stop logs