Separating a sewage system, the town of Gebesee

Based on the investment scheme prepared by igr, the town of Gebesee has overhauled its entire sewage system including house connections to become a separated system. Storm water is discharged into a number of near-by water courses, in an economically efficient manner. Accumulating waste water is collected centrally and transferred via wastewater pump stations to the newly constructed Gebesee-Ringleben waste water treatment plant. In part, existing combined sewers were repaired and integrated in the surface water drainage system. The completion of the whole system proceeded in line with the investment stages, while continually taking account of economic efficiency.

Besides creating the general drainage plan, igr undertook all engineering services pertaining to the sewer system, accompanying measures for the road construction, the replacement of drinking water pipes, as well as design improvements to the local environment.

Services provided by igr

  • Planning, engineering building structures, waste water disposal
  • Creation of a waste water disposal strategy
  • General drainage plan
  • Planning for a transport system
  • Pipework coordination

Key figures

  • ca. 10.5 km sewage pipework
  • ca. 7.5 km storm water pipework up to DN 800
  • 5 waste water pumping stations
  • ca. 3.3 km pressure pipework
  • ca. 9.9 km house connections pipework