Erweiterung Stauraumkanal Am Rosenborn in der Stadt Erfurt, Ortsteil Salomonsborn

Upgrading the storage sewer ‘Am Rosenborn’ in the city of Erfurt, district of Salomonsborn

In order to improve the drainage system in the city of Erfurt, the civil engineering and traffic offices organised the replacement of an existing storage sewer in the district of Salomonsborn. During the whole construction period the functionality of the mixed water system was maintained through a temporary flow control and relief system. To build the new storage sewer, 2 steel reinforced pipes DN 2600 as storm water holding tanks, and a kite-shaped profile DN 2400 SB as a collection tank were provided. The overflow from the collection and storm water holding tanks is treated in flow-dividing structure through a filter screen. The flow is controlled by a motorised valve, regulated through IDM readings in the 5.50 m regulating plant made from reinforced concrete. This innovative system configuration allows the optimal storage volume to be achieved; maximising the protection of surface waters. The planning of the machine technology in the building structures as well as the automated control system (EMSR) was also an integral part of the services provided by igr.

Services provided by igr

  • Surveying
  • Structural design
  • Technical equipment
  • Coordination assessment
  • Object planning engineering works
  • On-site construction supervision

Key figures

  • Monolithic flow dividing structure and flow control structure made from reinforced concrete
  • Flow discharge to waste water treatment plant 10 l/s
  • Discharge to drainage capability 300 l/s
  • Filter screen system
  • 45 m storage sewer SB DN 2400 kite-shaped profile
  • 2 x 45 m RRB storage sewer SB DN 2600, V = ca. 500 m³