Aircraft operation areas - Aprons

The airside area of the Niederstetten military air base was modified due to the planned stationing of NH 90 medium-weight transport helicopters. As well as the adaptation of existing spaces, new concrete parking areas were created, and the underground refuelling system was relocated and completely renewed, as was the runway drainage and lighting, the taxiways and the obstruction lighting. In addition, due to the reconstruction work, a variety of buildings were demolished and a shelter erected for the refuelling service personnel.

Leistungen der igr

  • Planning of outdoor facilities
  • Planning of engineering structures
  • Planning of traffic facilities
  • Planning of technical equipment
  • Design and construction surveying
  • As-built documentation

Key figures

  • Adaptation of the drainage systems 3,900 m length
  • Modification of the parking areas 17,000 m²
  • Reconstruction of the underground refuelling system 1,500 m length
  • 4 underground fuel hydrant pits
  • Renewal of the airbase lighting, 22,000 m cable routes