Mrs. Ulrike Simon, Head of Urban Water Management and Development, has been added by the Rhineland-Palatinate Chamber of Engineers to the list of competent persons in accordance with §103 state water law for the following fields:

Field 1:     Water supply with water treatment,
Field 2:     Water supply without water treatment,
Field 3:     Wastewater disposal including sewage treatment plants,
Field 4:     Other wastewater disposal,
Field 6:     Expansion and renaturation of waters, including the restoration of retention areas in flood plains,
Field 7.1       Rainwater management
Field 7.2       Ground water
Field 7.4.1    Process engineering in the field of wastewater treatment
Field 7.4.2    Process engineering in the field of water treatment
Field 7.5       Water hazardous substances
Field 7.6       Port facilities
Field 7.7       Quantity measurement
Field 7.8       Geothermal heat

In Croatia, she received the entry at the Chamber of Engineers for building for "expert construction supervision and planning".