Planning a cable route for the Boms-Haggenmoos solar park, Ravensburg district

Our client had planned the construction of the Boms-Haggenmoos solar park with a nominal output of ca. 4.35 MWp. The solar park is sited within the bounds of the Boms-Haggenmoos municipality in the Ravensburg district, which is within the ‘Altshausen-Laubbach-Fleischwangen’ countryside protection area. A 900 metre long cable route feeds the generated power north of the L286 road to a transfer station. igr was commissioned with the preparation of the authorisation applications for the cable route crossings with the 4551 railway line and the L286.

In accordance with the guidelines of the rail and road construction authority, the 4551 railway line and the L286 were crossed using horizontal directional drilling.

Services provided by igr

  • Planning of engineering constructions
  • Planning of technical equipment
  • Route finding with four options
  • Authorisation applications for railways, water ways, motorways, rural roads, district roads and gas pipelines
  • Crossing authorisation for railway 4551
  • Crossing authorisation for rural road 286
  • Securing of easements for the entire route
  • Implementation planning with survey point lists for the cable route

Key figures

  • 2 horizontal directional drilling bores at the crossing points
  • Cable length: ca. 900 m
  • Cable specification: 1 x 150 mm² NA2XS(F)2Y