Investigation of various options for a heating system, the island of Krk, Croatia

The administrative buildings of the town of Krk are currently heated with an oil boiler that is more than 30 years old. Besides the equipment’s inefficiency, the increasing cost of oil mean that the plant no longer provides an adequate performance. An improvement in efficiency, together with a lowering of heating costs, became an important goal.

igr investigated heating options using a combined heat and power unit (powered either by oil or liquefied natural gas), as well as heating systems powered by wood chips and/or pellets. At the particular request of the town of Krk, a combination system using wood pellets and a solar-thermal plant was considered. The goal of the investigation was to compare the corresponding financial costs of the various options with the current system, in order to recommend a long-term economic option.

Services provided by igr

  • Data collection and assessment
  • Price trend scenarios for a variety of fuels
  • Needs assessment by means of consumption data and the existing building fabric
  • Efficiency scenarios
  • Analysis of the respective operation costs
  • Investment and financing plan
  • Comparison of respective annual financial cost to the public budget

Key figures

  • ca. 6,500 inhabitants