Overall locality strategy for wind energy use in the Offenbach an der Queich municipality

In order to find landscape and nature conservation compatible sites for wind energy use, igr was commissioned by the Offenbach a. d. Queich municipality to produce an area strategy for wind energy use.

As a first step, all areas being used for activities incompatible with wind energy were excluded and buffered with a safe distance. Following this exclusion process, two potentially suitable large areas remained. These were again mapped in detail and on the basis of the criteria (wind speed, landscape and overlap with areas of limited suitability) assessed as well suited, partially suited or badly suited.

On the basis of this objective investigation and the resulting suitable areas, along with an assessment of the suitability of each, the municipality was able to decide which areas will be adopted as concentration/special areas for wind energy in the land use development plan.

Services provided by igr

  • Overall locality strategy for wind energy
  • Preparation of changes to the land use development plan
  • Examination of the state planning position statement
  • Undertaking the required (stakeholder) participation processes
  • Preparation of an environmental report

Key figures

  • 4,564 ha investigation area
  • 700 ha assessed ‘potential’ areas
  • 184 ha new special areas in land use development plan