In January 2018 igr AG will take possession of its Rhine-Main branch office premises.  The office complex is at Heidelberger Straße 44, Darmstadt. 

Condition survey of air operations areas at Düsseldorf Airport

As part of the so-called EASA certification, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) requires evidence from airfields of a Pavement Management System (PMS) for all air operations areas by 31st December 2017.

As a consequence, igr was commissioned in 2015 with the establishment and development of such a maintenance programme at Düsseldorf international airport.

Rain water management and flood protection for suburbs of the city of Sisak (sub-system of the residential areas of Zabno, Odra Sisacka, Stupno, Staro Pracno and Sela)

In recent years the city of Sisak and its suburbs have been hit repeatedly by flooding due to rainfall events.

igr d.o.o. was commissioned by the city authorities to develop the first phase of a design for rainwater management  and flood protection in Sisak – Rural residential areas, a sub-system for the suburbs of Zabno, Odra Sisacka, Stupno, Staro Pracno and Sela.

In August 2017 igr AG, in its role as lead for technical and environmental planning, submitted the authorisation documentation for a forward-looking and innovative infrastructure project.

The plans are becoming firmer.  Since igr has acquired more important projects in Hessen in recent years, we now also want to move geographically closer to our customers.